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Bulbous nose

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It is define as having a rounded nasal tip. This can be due to the configuration of the underlying cartilage or skin. Regardless of the cause, It may look bottom heavy and draws attention away from the eyes.





Cause of bulbous nose

1. a large and thick lower nasal cartilage
2. Thick skin overlying the tip
3. Abundant fat under the skin on the tip area

  • Two or three of the about mention cause may co-exit with each other .
  • To refine the nasal tip, the cartilage is narrowed. Rhinoplasty relies less on removing cartilage and more on strengthening existing cartilage or adding additional cartilage for support in order to improve definition.


The upper part of the lower cartilage should be trim leaving 5 to 6 mm to maintain support

10 - Trimming of the cart






The cartilage are suture together to narrow the tip.

11 - interdomal









In some case, removal of excess fat under the skin to decrease bulbousity

15 - removal of fat








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