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What is a beautiful Nose?


The concept of beauty is very diverse. Due to our differences in our culture and ethnicity, we tend to perceive attractiveness in such a varied way. As the famous saying goes  “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”.
This is one of the greatest challenges of every aesthetic surgeon should face. This is to understand and  consolidate what the patients want regarding their noses. One of the our tasks is to guide the patient in understanding the standards of what is suppose to be a beautiful nose.







Standards of Nose Beauty

  • The nose should reflect overall harmony and proportion in relation to the other features of the face as a whole.
  • The nasal contour is represented by a slightly sloped dorsum which blends into a moderate nasal frontal angle located at the supra-pupillary line or radix.
  • The bridge should not be too narrow, as in the tip, with subtle definition and should be on a parallel axis with the ear.
  • The sides of the bridge should have a fine brow to tip line. There should be a definite mild to moderate columellar show.
  • The nasal tip projection should be highlighted with two tip defining points.
  • The degree of tip inclination should be in such way that one can slightly see the nostril opening in frontal view.
  • In the profile view, the columellar tilt should be in a slightly uplifted angle.
  • The ala should be within a vertical line drawn down from the medial canthi lying in a vertical-oblique position.