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Getting Double Eyelid in the Philippines

March 12, 2015
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Double Eyelid is having a crease in the eyelids. Many believe that having it makes a person much prettier and beautiful (well for most girls and women). It is now a phenomenal trend as a standard of beauty in Japan and in Korea. And eyelid surgery in the Philippines is somehow starting as a new wave of cosmetic surgery for eyelid improvements.

Double Eyelid Surgery is a type of cosmetic surgery that is most popular in South Korea. Because of Koreans naturally small eyes, they tend to beautify and improve their looks by undergoing this type of surgery. When choosing between the procedure and the tape, there are several points to consider.

Primarily, the double eyelid surgery is used in patients with eyelid defects, deformities, and disfiguration. But the majority of them just want to modify their face through eyelid enhancement. There are three most common or most popular eyelid surgery namely, the full incision method, buried sutures method, and the partial incision method. During your doctor consultation, He/She will tell you what type of eyelid surgery are applicable for you.

Full Incision Method
If your age is within the 20’s and 30’s, the full incision method is best for you because it brings out the most satisfying results and will look unnoticeably natural. This procedure will simultaneously removes excessive muscles and fat and can reconfigure the eyelid tissue up to the last line of the eyelid, creating a more natural look.

Buried Sutures Method
The second procedure, which is the buried sutures method, is a good option for those who have been using double eyelid tapes. This is the very first procedure to create folds and is the most popular several years ago. Creating folds is done by knotting small sutures above the eyes. This method is reversible and can restore the eyelids back to its original state even after the surgery is completed.

Partial Incision Method
The last procedure, the partial incision method is advisable for people with thin eyelid skin. The surgery has shorter recovery time compared to the full incision method and leaves less noticeable scars in the eyelids. Those who have droopy looking eyes having thin monolids are most suited for this procedure.