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Basic Reasons for Having Rhinoplasty Surgery

March 31, 2015
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We often hear the terms nose lift and rhinoplasty in news and showbiz programs on TV saying that a famous or a well-known personality or actor/actress has undergone the surgery. Not for medical reason but for cosmetic reason (which is a very big issue to them). They want to improve or enhance their image on entertainment industry to attract more projects. It is their job to make movies that the people will love and surely watch on cinemas.

But look at yourself in a mirror for a moment; have you noticed your nose structure? Is it all right or do you need to undergo in surgery too?

As you examine yourself, many people want to have the surgery for several reasons. Here are some reasons and why do they need the operation.

Medical Reasons

For those who have birth defect that is commonly known as cleft lip/cleft palate, a condition experienced by children wherein the tissues of the two sides of the upper lip does not join properly. This problem could be easily fixed through rhinoplasty.
Another medical condition that can be aided through the surgery is the chronic sinus problems. Many cases are caused by a deviated septum or nasal polyps. With the surgery, the problem can be eliminated.

Nose Injury or Accident

It is reported that car accidents is the main culprit in increasing patients that need to undergo the surgery. The estimated time frame for a person with broken nose is two weeks in order to restore the bones structure. After that time frame, the restoration will be much more difficult to do.

Boosting Self-esteem

We were born with different kinds of noses, for some, they were very satisfied because they have well-structured noses that is an asset to them. But for others with hump in the nose, prominent or crooked noses, their self-esteem is affected. They become self-conscious has low confidence. With goretex rhinoplasty, a person’s self-esteem can be boosted and improved.

Cosmetic Reasons

As I have said in the introduction, the surgery can be done for those who want to improve their appearance. Reshaping the tip of the nose, straightening the bridge, and making one’s nose bigger or smaller are the most common reasons for undergoing rhinoplasty for cosmetic purposes.

There is nothing wrong in getting a surgery for the nose. Enhancements and medical improvements are the major reasons for the rhinoplasty. But whatever reason you may have, it is your personal decision and choice to have the surgery.
Rhinoplasty Philippines offers a guaranteed result for those who want to undergo the surgery.