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Our Philosophy


“ The initial step is to understand the aspect of the transformation both emotional and aesthetic. From the time you consult our office, we build a bond that is more than the typical patient-doctor relationship. We always do our best to fully educate our patients all the possibilities, limitations and opportunities of the treatment.  Our aim is to take you to that journey that is comfortable, fruitful and enlightening by every measure.”

About Dr. Henry John Claravall


Dr Henry is an expert in reconstructive, functional and revision rhinoplasty. He understands the nose from inside to outside being able to create an attractive nose without sacrificing function of breathing and smelling.

Dr. Henry is a very creative surgeon who came from Angono Rizal and because of his exposure to the arts at his town, he started to appreciate the arts and even had some basic workshop on paintings and carving during his summer breaks. In time he started to appreciate the human face and body and this led him to becoming a medical doctor. He took up medicine at the University of Santo Tomas Faculty of Medicine and Surgery then his Residence training on Otolaryngology at UST hospital. He continued his training at FACES (Facial Aesthetic Core of ENT Surgeon) specializing in the field of facial plastic surgery and other related cosmetic surgery procedure. After 5 years, he when on with his masters on RHINOPLASTY at SEOUL SOUTH KOREA and was trained by a well known surgeon in Korea, DR. DONG HAK JUNG, a Master in rhinoplasty.

His experience in nose surgery is very wide. He handled 7 to 10 cases of rhinoplasty per day during his training in Korea. From a simple augmentation to even harvesting the rib cartilage for better reconstruction of the nose.

or shot dr henry

book Curriculum Vitae of Dr. Henry

  • Medical school in University of Santo Tomas Faculty of Medicine and Surgery
  • Doctor of Medicine and Surgery – PRC board passer
  • Residency in Otorhinolaryngology at University of Santo Tomas Hospital
  • Chief Resident of ENT UST Hospital
  • Fellowship in Facial Aesthetic and Plastic Core of ENT Surgeons 2006
  • Fellowship in Rhinoplasty and Facial Plastic Surgery in Seoul South Korea under Dr. Dong Hak Jung 2008
  • Diplomate in Philippine Board of Otorhinolaryngology (BOARD TOPNATCHER)
  • Fellow Philippine Society of Otorhinolaryngology
  • Fellow Philippine College of Surgeon
  • Fellow Philippine Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • Consultant in UST hospital section of Facial Plastic Surgery
  • Consultant in The Medical City section of Facial Plastic Surgery
  • Chief surgeon of Claravall skin, aesthetic and rhinoplasty centre

book Graduation of Dr Henry Claravall as Fellow of Korean Cosmetic Medicine Institute

  • Fellow of Shimmian Rhinoplasty Seoul Korea
  • Photo with the world renowned D. Dong Hak Jung– Master of Rhinoplasty









book  Certificates and Diplomas

certificate certificate1stemcell certshimmian cert engshim kor fellowphil college surgeonpams felowmember psscmmd prcfaces fellowent res dipimg159img160

About Dr. Sheryll Ann Claravall



Dr Sheryll  graduated from the Royal Pontifical University of Santo Tomas in Manila Philippines at the age of 20. She then continued her medical degree in the same institution fours years after.  Her strong interests in diseases of the skin led her to pursue Dermatology Residency training at Philippine Academy of Clinical and Cosmetic Dermatology. During her residency, Dr Sheryll had seen and handled a lot of cases of skin pathology. From a simple blemish to even treatment of skin cancer.
Dr. Sheryll  provides the wides range of the latest dermatology services including: diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions, cosmetic dermatology, and laser treatments. Her local as well as her international exposures in the field of Dermatology had shaped her innovative approach. She gives every patient unparalleled personalized attention in a boutique-like medical setting. She always provides individualized skin care regimens for every patient’s specific needs. Her particular expertise is in designing anti-acne and anti-aging treatments with exceptional success and optimum cosmetic elegance.

dr she with blazer

book Curriculum vitae

  • Bachelor of Science in Biology at University of Santo Tomas
  • Doctor of Medicine and Surgery at University of Santo Tomas
  • Medical Internship at Veterans Memorial Medical Center
  • Residency in Pediatrics at Ospital ng Makati
  • Residency in Dermatology at Dermatology Institute Foundation of the Philippines
  • Diplomate in Philippine Pediatrics Society Diplomate in Philippine Academy of Clinical and Cosmetic Dermatology
  • Member of Philippine Academy of Medical Specialist
  • Member of Philippine Academy of Stemcell Medicine


Vision and Values

Our Vision

Claravall Clinic aims to be a well known aesthetic clinic in Asia recognized for their expertise as  well as providing excellent treatment and services to their clients.

Our Values

      • Integrity
      • Professionalism
      • Excellence
      • Teamwork



Various Z-Plasty Designs for the Treatment of Columellar Scar in Rhinoplasty

Jung, Dong-Hak M.D.; Claravall, Henry John F. M.D.; Kim, Yun-Joung M.D.; Lin, Ray Yung-Chiou M.D.

Columellar scarring may range from a simple wound incision depression to a major columellar deviation. These malformations should not be ignored but rather treated. As of the moment, the uses of Z-plasty have been limited in the correction of cleft noses.1 Little has been mentioned regarding its vital role in columellar reconstruction, especially in the field of cosmetic rhinoplasty.






Correction of pollybeak and dimpling deformities of the nasal tip in the contracted, short nose by the use of a supratip transposition flap.


Jung, Dong-Hak M.D.; Claravall, Henry John F. M.D.; Kim, Yun-Joung M.D.; Lin, Ray Yung-Chiou M.D.

To discuss our experiences with the use of a supratip transposition flap to simultaneously correct pollybeak deformity and nasal tip dimpling.





academic5  Speaker Academic Certificate

academic3          academic4

I like you work doc, it looks natural

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